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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
BAUBLYTE KAUFMANN Ruta UNINE E-Mail The Architecture of space-time in the novels of Jane Austen Prof. M. Tudeau-Clayton 2017
BERTOLI Mariacristina Natalia UNIFR - Illusionism in the "Riddling" School of American Poetry: Poetic Forms of Riddles, Anamorphoses and Trompe l'oeil from Emily Dickinson to Mary Jo Salter Prof. Dr. Thomas carl Austenfeld
BISCHOF-VEGH Roman --- E-Mail Narrating Neurons? Perspectives on Mental Illness in British and American Novels in the Age of Neuroscience Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rippl
BUSSE Beatrix UNIBE E-Mail
CHASSOT Joanne UNIL E-Mail Ghosts in Contemporary African Diasporic Literature: Re-visioning History, Memory and Identity Agnieszka Soltysik 2013
COMER Joseph UNIBE - Dr Crispin Thurlow
CSILLAGH Virag UNIGE E-Mail Les conséquences sociolinguistiques du statut économique de la langue anglaise par rapport à l’apprentissage de la langue et la motivation d’étudiants à l’Université de Genève Prof. Claire FOREL
Prof. François GRIN
DARCY Mark UNIGE - Satanic Epistemologies from Marlowe to Milton
ETTER Lukas UNIBE E-Mail Auteurgraphy: Distinctiveness of Styles in Alternative Graphic Narratives Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rippl
Dr. Daniel Stein
GALLO Anna UNIBE E-Mail Language variation among Anglo-Italians in Bristol [Provisional title] Prof. Dr. David Britain (University of Bern)
Prof. Cristina Pennarola (University of Naples "Federico II")
GEBHARDT Susanna UNIGE E-Mail Early Modern English Wall-Writing: Memory and Textual Culture Prof. Lukas Erne
GONCALVES Elizabeth UNIGE E-Mail Musique & Musicology / Littérature Comparée Image des chanteuses, geste et usages scéniques de la voix et du corps : les inégalités de genre dans l'art lyrique français sous le règne de Louis XIV d'Hilaire Dupuis à Marthe le Rochois (1625-1728). Guillemette Bolens, Université de Genève
Raphaëlle Legrand, Université Paris-IV Sorbonne
GUTMANS Patricia UNIBE - The Roman Catholic Church in Frances Trollope's Novels Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rippl
HEIM Cécile UNIL - Denaturalizing the Law: Sexual Violence, Race and the Land in Native American Crime Fiction's Negotiation of Justice and the Law Agnieszka Soltysik-Monnet
Valérie Cossy
HEINZMANN Sybille UNIFR - Working title: Swiss primary school children’s language learning motivation and its rela-tion to their language attitudes, stereotypes, and beliefs about language learning Prof. Didier Maillat
HOPPELER Stephanie UNIBE - Seriality and Intermediality in Graphic Novels Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rippl, English Department, University of Berne
HUBER Irmtraud UNIBE E-Mail The fantastic in contemporary anglophone literature Prof. Dr. Virginia Richter
HUGHES Roxane UNIL E-Mail Footbinding in America: Towards a Feminist Disability Study of the Literary and Artistic Representations of the Bound Foot in the United States Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet
IATSENKO Anna UNIGE E-Mail Between History and Text: New Perspectives on Toni Morrison’s Later Fiction. Professor Deborah Madsen
ISELI Markus UNINE E-Mail The New Romantic Unconscious: Thomas De Quincey and Cognitive Science Professor Patrick Vincent
Professor Robert Morrison
JACKSON Honor UNINE E-Mail Malleable Spheres and Diverse Subject: Utopia and dystopia in Early Modern England Emma Depledge 2023
JOBIN Anne UNINE E-Mail Mapping out Space in the Fiction of Anishinaabe writers Dr. David Stirrup, University of Kent
JONES Patrick UNIGE E-Mail Henry James and the Question of "Living" Simon Swift 2023
KOPAITICH Ryan UNIBE - Prof. Dr. Thomas Claviez
LEONARD Alice UNINE E-Mail Shakespeare Beyond Rhetoric: Error in Early Modern Drama, with Reference to Emergent Rhetorical Forms in Shakespeare Prof. Margaret Tudeau-Clayton
LEONHARDT Tobias UNIBE - Kiribati English: History, Structure and Linguistic Development Prof. David Britain
LINDHOLM Philip UNIL E-Mail Synaesthesia in Literature of the Romantic Period Prof. Rachel Falconer
LOETSCHER Audrey UNIL E-Mail A Moral History of Unsustainability U.S. political authorities and climate change: policies, ideology, interests (1957-1998) Prof. Janick Marina Schaufelbuehl 2022
LYNCH Sara UNIBE E-Mail Micronesian Englishes Prof. David Britain
MARCHI Viola UNIBE E-Mail Fuori Luogo: Community and the Impropriety of the Common Prof. Dr. Thomas Claviez 2019
MARSHALL Camille UNIL E-Mail The Towneley Scriptural Plays: Playing, Doubting and Compiling Divine Acts in Late Medieval and Early Modern England Denis Renevey
MCGEE John UNIGE E-Mail Anti-Petrarchism in Early Shakespeare Lukas Erne
METTLER Laura UNIBE - Emergent varieties in Micronesia: English in the Republic of Nauru Prof. Dr. David Britain
MICHALKIEWICZ Katarzyna UNINE - The Alps and the Tatras: a Comparative Study of Mountain Representations in 19th and 20th Century Literature Patrick Vincent
MICHOUX Anne-Claire UNIZH E-Mail Romantic Fiction, Simplicity, and the Formation of the British Nation Prof. Patrick Vincent
MORGAN Oliver UNIGE E-Mail Turn-taking in Shakespeare Lukas Erne
NISBET Rachel UNIL E-Mail Rivers, Navigating Doubled Terrain: connecting literary and geological texts Rachel Falconer
OUDESLUIJS Tino UNIL E-Mail Language Variation and Change in Coventry between 1400-1700 Prof. Anita Auer 2019
OZOLS Davis UNIFR - Project title: "Biased communication: the cognitive pragmatics of fallacies" Director of thesis: Didier Maillat (University of Fribourg)
Co-Director of thesis: Louis de Saussure (University of Neuchâtel)
PAULOS Julio UNIL E-Mail Urban Studies, Planning Theory 2020
PEREIRA DOMÍNGUEZ Laura UNIGE - Gestures in medieval literature. Guillemette Bolens
RÖÖSLI Samuel UNIBE - The Role of the Senses in Literary Representations of the Non-Human World in Anglo-Saxon England Prof. Dr. Annette Kern-Stähler
ROSSINI Manuela UNIBE E-Mail From House to Home. Family Matters in Early Modern Drama and Culture Prof. Dr. Balz Engler
Prof. Dr. Werner Brönnimann
SIEGERT Yvette UNIGE - 'Representations of Cartagena de Indias: An Intellectual History, 1815-2016' Dr María del Pilar Blanco, University of Oxford
SKIBO-BIRNEY Bryn UNIGE E-Mail Writing Between "the Human" and "the Animal" in Contemporary North American Literature Prof. Deborah L. Madsen
THIEL Anja UNIBE - Phonetic Irregularities in Upstate New York: Indexicality in the Northern Cities Shift and Low Back Merger in Ogdensburg, NY David Britain
TRESCH Laura UNIBE - Contact, mobility and authenticity: language ideologies in koineisation David Britain
TSIRAKOGLOU Eleftheria UNIL - Edgar Allan Poe´s Reception in Greece Prof. Agnieska Soltysik-Monnet
VUK Martina UNIFR E-Mail Friendship with people with disabilities as a form of mutual transformation (theological and ethical perspectives) Thierry Collaud 2019
WALTERMANN Eva UNIGE - Représentations du savoir disciplinaire dans l'enseignement des langues étrangères: le cas des enseignants genevois Prof. C. Forel
WALZ Marie Emilie UNIL E-Mail When The Faerie Queene Enters The Bloody Chamber. Comparing Edmund Spenser's and Angela Carter's Fiction. Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère
WRIGHT Edward UNIBE E-Mail PHD begins Autumn 2017. No title as yet. Professor Gabriel Rippl
WRIGHT Oliver UNIGE E-Mail Climbing the Dark Mountain: Geography & the Anthropocene in the Work of Thomas Pynchon Martin Leer
YANG Guang UNIGE - la belle lettrée : circulation du roman chinois caizi jiaren en Angleterre et en France entre XVIIe et XXe siècles The beauty-scholar: circulation of Chinese novel caizi jiaren in England and in France between XVII and XX centuries Jérôme David
Nicolas Zufferey
2023 or 2024
ZEIN Najat UNIL - English in the Expanding Circle: the case of Morocco Prof. Jürg Schwyter