Two New Reports from the Field

Check out our two latest reports from the field by participants of our PhD Day on "Conferences and Publication" and our CUSO Workshop on "Change in English Language and Literature."


CUSO Workshop Poster final

September 15-16: The Materialities of American Culture

Register by September 8 via the CUSO website.

Place: University of Bern, Unitobler, Room F-111

Organisers: Prof. Gabriele Rippl, Dr Julia Straub, MA Sofie Beluhli (UniBe)

Invited instructors: Prof. Christian J. Emden (Rice University), Prof. Mark I. Seltzer

The targeted participants for this interdisciplinary workshop are primarily Swiss doctoral students from contemporary American literary and cultural studies, but students from the humanities in general are also welcome. The aim is to discuss American literature and other cultural products, whose aesthetics are crucially shaped by their material and medial basis, in an interdisciplinary context that also includes cultural studies, philosophy of culture and media philosophy. This will not only enable doctoral students to widen their horizons and help them to network with researchers outside of their own discipline, but it will also connect them to the current international research discourse on materiality. The two invited speakers complement each other discipline-wise: Prof. Christian J. Emden (Rice University) is an expert of philosophy of culture, the history of ideas and cultural studies, while Prof. Mark I. Seltzer (UCLA) brings a wide knowledge on literary and media studies to the table. Tying in with the two events in Miami and Geneva, we hope to propel the work of doctoral students who work in the field of materiality, to get an overview of theories of materiality and mediality, to illuminate in depth the aesthetics of material culture in contemporary America, and to flesh out a methodology with which to tackle these issues.

The invited speakers will each give an academic talk (on one of their research topics) and moderate a methodology-based workshop session on the materialities of American culture. While the first day of the workshop will mainly consist of this lecture + workshop format, a part of Monday afternoon and the whole of Tuesday morning is reserved for the discussion of the PhD students' "tough-nuts-to-crack". Our two day workshop will be rounded off by a guided tour at the Abegg-Stiftung (Riggisberg near Bern).



Medieval and Early Modern Studies Travelling Seminar: Fortnightly Doctoral Workshops in Geneva in term throughout 2017

Register once for the whole year via the CUSO website and use this reimbursement form for all the regular fortnightly workshops.

Spring Programme 2017

Autumn Programme 2017 (to be announced before the autumn semester)

Place and time: University of Geneva, Uni Bastions, Aile Jura, Room A210, Wed, 4.15 p.m. – 6.45 p.m.

Organisers: Prof. Guillemette Bolens, Prof. Lukas Erne

The fortnightly workshops will cover: practical topics such as using digital resources in medieval and early modern English studies; focused discussion of key medieval and early modern texts (e.g., Chaucer, Shakespeare) or scholarly issues (e.g., codicology, bibliography); and work-in-progress papers.

To participate in the regular fortnightly workshops, register once for the whole year via the CUSO website and use this reimbursement form. This will allow you to have your travel costs reimbursed by CUSO if you have signed the attendance list.