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Adaptation and Critical Race Theory


5-6 November 2021

Responsable de l'activité

Emma Depledge


Prof. Emma Depledge, UNINE

Dre Patrizia Zanella, UNIGE

Dre Sarah Brazil, UNIGE


Dr David Sterling Brown, Binghamton University

Prof. Beth Piatote, University of California, Berkeley


This two-day doctoral workshop aims to introduce students working on all literary periods and linguistics topics to Critical Race Theory and its application in the classroom. It will include advanced seminars led by renowned experts, student presentations, and lectures by the invited experts. The seminar on day one will focus on Critical Race Theory and its application by considering key readings of "canonical" pre-modern texts. The seminar on day two will concentrate on a contemporary response to a play from the classical period. This work will be analyzed as a literary text in its own right and as an example of both the important role CRT plays in the analysis of adaptations and of the important work BIPOC writers continue to play in reshaping the canon.

The two-day event will reflect on the ways in which race and Indigeneity as a lens of inquiry can expand our understanding of topics as diverse as literary periodization, pedagogies of social justice, and disciplinary boundaries.





Deadline for registration 01.11.2021
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