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Invoking the Reader


30 March 2019

Responsable de l'activité

Rahel Orgis


Dre Elizabeth Kukorelly, UNIGE

Mme Simone Höhn, UNIZH


Dre Dorothee Birke, University of Innsbruck



This one-day workshop in the context of the «Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Literature Travelling Seminar» seeks to reflect on the implications of the concern for the reader and reading in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century fiction as well as considering how this issue develops in later literary periods. In addition, the workshop will focus on different critical approaches to (literary/fiction) reading and readers. This methodological aspect of the workshop is relevant to doctoral students in literature across literary periods. The workshop will consist of a lecture and a seminar session led by Dr Dorothee Birke and will also include a discussion round among participants to give doctoral students the opportunity to outline briefly how issues of reading matter in their own research and/or to address the problems or questions raised by issues of reading for their work. This discussion round can also be combined with a longer presentation by a doctoral student if one of the participants would like to present part of her/his work that relates to the workshop topic.





Deadline for registration 23.03.2019
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