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Certificate of Study

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Cat. Title Location Map [d] Speakers Dates Places
Methodological approaches to synchronic and diachronic heritage language data Université de Lausanne

Prof. Naomi Nagy (University of Toronto, Canada)

Dr. Adrian Leemann (Lancaster University, UK)

Dr. Markus Schiegg (University of Erlangen, Germany)

1518735600 16-17 February 2018 7 / 10
Pluralize the Anthropocene Université de Lausanne

Steven Mentz, Professor of English, St John's University (Queens, New York)


1519426800 24 February 2018 14 / 15
The Perception of Dramatic Character in History University of Fribourg

Prof. Emma Smith, Oxford

1520636400 10 March 2018 14 / 16
Early English Books and the History of Reading Genève

Prof. Alexandra Gillespie, University of Toronto

1520982000 14 March 2018 25 / 22
American Literature and the Archive University of Fribourg

Prof. Randall Fuller, University of Kansas

1523570400 13 April 2018 5 / 12
Form’s Matter: The Social History of Literary Form Université de Genève

Professor Angela Leighton (Senior Research Fellow at Trinity College, University of Cambridge)

Dr Elizabeth Scott-Baumann (Lecturer in Early Modern English Literature, Kings College London)

1524780000 27 April 2018 15 / 15
Researching semiotic landscapes: new directions, new methods Berne

Prof. Tommaso Milani, University of Gothenburg

Prof. David Malinowski, Yale University

1525125600 1 May 2018 7 / 12
Resurgences: Indigenous, Postcolonial, and Western Perspectives on Sovereignty and Nationhood Bern: UniS and Cerny Inuit Art Gallery

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Lutz, Germany, University of Greifswald (retired)

1530223200 29 June 2018 4 / 10
Authorship Studies (18/19 Lit TS) University of Fribourg

Prof. John Garrison, Grinnell

1538776800 6 October 2018 13 / 16
Non-dramatic dialogue in medieval and early modern England (MEMTS) UNIGE

Prof. Cathy SHRANK, Professor, University of Sheffield

1540332000 24 October 2018 11 / 22
Renaissance Conversions: Concepts, Contexts, Practices (MEMTS) Université de Lausanne

Prof. Paul Yachnin, McGill University

1542409200 17 November 2018 11 / 20
PhD Day: (Co-)Supervision and online-presence for careers in and beyond academia University of Lausanne

Mary Flannery


1543618800 1 December 2018 11 / 24