Reimbursement for CUSO doctoral students attending non-CUSO events

CUSO doctoral students can have their travel (and sometimes also accommodation and meals depending on the event and mobility funds) reimbursed when attending non-CUSO events that meet the following criteria:

The event must be:

  • in Switzerland
  • dedicated to training or developing doctoral students' scientific, methodological or professional skills and knowledge
  • open to all CUSO doctoral students
  • approved of by the English language and literature programme director

How to proceed:

If doctoral students are interested in attending an event or a series of events not organised by CUSO, they should inform the programme coordinator. To be reimbursed, doctoral students need to fill in and sign the standard reimbursement form for participants, noting 'Mobility' and the name of the event in the field 'Intitulé'. The signed form and the original receipts need to be sent to Rahel Orgis.

Please note that in order to reimburse doctoral students for participating at the event in question, some proof of attendance is required, usually in the form of original receipts or tickets. I.e. unlike for CUSO events, where doctoral students are reimbursed for train fares if they have signed the attendance list of the respective event, doctoral students applying for mobility reimbursement must send in their original train tickets (printouts of electronic tickets with a barcode are accepted).

In case of questions contact the programme coordinator Rahel Orgis.

Examples of possible non-CUSO events that CUSO doctoral students might be interested in attending: