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[REPORT À 2021] Poetry, Poetics and the Essay



Responsable de l'activité

Martin Leer


Mme Lily Dessau, Unige

M. Oran McKenzie, Unige

Prof. Martin Leer, Unige


Prof. Matthew Bevis, University of Oxford



During this workshop, we will question the relations between poetry, poetics and the essay from a variety of perspectives with the guidance of Prof. Matthew Bevis (Oxford University). The event will begin with a lecture on 'The Poet's Essay' followed by Q&A, and then take the form of a workshop focusing on the relation between academic writing and poetry. The aim is to question the relation between poetry and the essay as a form, both for the poets themselves and from the perspective of those who work on poetry in the academia.


 Prof. Bevis created the 'Poets at Keble' series as well as the seminar 'The Poet's Essay' in collaboration with Adam Phillips, also at Keble College, Oxford. Much of his recent work also focuses on poetry, from his latest book, Wordsworth's Fun (Chicago University Press, 2019) to a range of creative and engaging essays such as 'It Wants to Go to Bed With Us' in Harper's, 'Poetry by numbers' in Raritan, 'Unknowing Lyric' and 'In Search of Distraction,' both in Poetry magazine. He is currently experimenting with what he calls 'a kind of lyric essay,' which he defines as part reverie, part poetics, part memoir, part speculative literary criticism, the result of which will be published in Poetry in the spring 2020.










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