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[REPORT DEMANDÉ] PhD Day: Reviewing Reviews


9 May 2020

Responsable de l'activité

Alexandre Fachard


Mme Aleida Auld, UNIGE

Mme Patrizia Zanella, UNIGE

Dr. Alexandre Fachard, UNIGE


Mme Emily Hockley, Commissioning Editor at Cambridge University Press

Prof. Emma Depledge, UNINE


This PhD Day deals with many forms of reviewing in the study of English literature. Whether it is getting feedback from a peer-reviewed journal, writing a review for an academic monograph, or even second reading the work of a colleague, doctoral students and early-career researchers routinely receive and give professional feedback. Although this skill may be familiar from peer-review activities throughout one's studies, reviewing at a professional level requires specific and sustained training. Three sessions will cover different aspects: 1. An overview of reviews, during which a panel of three Swiss early-career researchers covering different historical periods will share their perspectives on various forms of reviewing; 2. Working with peer reviews, a workshop on the peer review process led by Emma Depledge; and, 3. Publishing, a presentation by Emily Hockley. Although the focus will be on reviewing in the academic arena, we will also try to think about reviewing as a transferable skill that is valuable in various professional domains outside of the university.





Deadline for registration 09.05.2020
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