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Travelling Seminar in Modern and Contemporary Literature including one workshop: 3 March "Note-Taking: Music,Philosophy and Performance"


Fortnightly during term

Responsable de l'activité

Simon Swift


Prof. Rachel Falconer, UNIL

Prof. Simon Swift, Unige

Dr Sangam MacDuff, Unige


Vincent Barras, Professeur, UNIL

Denis Flannery, Senior Lecturer, University of Leeds

Jane Taylor, Professor, University of Cape Town, South Africa


The aim of this workshop will be to bring doctoral students working on Modern and Contemporary English, American and World Literatures in English across Western Switzerland together on a fortnightly basis to discuss issues and texts pertaining to their current research. Meeting Wednesday afternoons 16-18h and alternating between Geneva and Lausanne Universities, these bi-weekly sessions will take a range of formats: the presentation of doctoral work in progress; sessions on professionalization (conference presentation, the thesis defense, job applications); the shared close reading of texts under a common theme; the discussion of theoretical problems and ideas which shed light on the literature of the modern and contemporary periods. Each semester, a longer event will bring the group together for a lecture and seminar led by an internationally-renowned speaker or speakers in the field of modern and contemporary literary criticism, theory and creative practice. The utmost effort will be made to encourage doctoral students and staff working in these fields in other universities to attend, and eventually host speaker events as part of this travelling seminar.





Deadline for registration 21.12.2018
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