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Researching semiotic landscapes: new directions, new methods


1 May 2018

Responsable de l'activité

Crispin Thurlow


Prof. Crispin Thurlow, Unibe

Mme Maida Bilkic, UNIBE


Prof. Tommaso Milani, University of Gothenburg

Prof. David Malinowski, Yale University


This one-day workshop is designed for doctoral candidates interested in the intersection between language, communication and space/place -what we might conveniently and loosely refer to as linguistic or, rather, semiotic landscapes. Participants may be approaching the study of language and space from the perspective of sociolinguistic and discursive approaches, or from the perspective of literary or cultural studies. In either case, this workshop will be pointedly forward-looking, offering students a chance to learn about some of the most cutting edge work being done today. During the course of the day, participants will engage in two applied 'master classes' lead by our internationally renowned guest instructors. Each hands-on session will be organized around a short presentation-demonstration, applied exercises (e.g. various multimodal, text-based analyses) and student-oriented discussions about conceptual and methodological issues. Students will be required to read in advance of the workshop at least one indicative paper by each of the guest instructors, preparing some initial research notes and talking points. They will, of course, be asked to start thinking about how their work engages -or might engage- semiotic landscapes. Students will have opportunities for direct mentoring from the invited instructors during lunch and dinner. They will also participate in a debriefing session facilitated by the workshop organizer (Thurlow) at the end of the day.





Deadline for registration 24.04.2018
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