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Medieval and Early Modern Studies Travelling Seminar: Autumn Half-Day Workshop on "Shakespeare Performance and Embodied Spectatorship"


December 13

Responsable de l'activité

Lukas Erne


Prof. Lukas Erne, UniGe

Prof. Guillemette Bolens, UniGe



Prof. M.J. Kidnie (University of Western Ontario)


Participants at this workshop on "Shakespeare Performance and Embodied Spectatorship" will explore the concept of theatrical presence, partly in relation to disability studies. We will begin by discussing the subjective audience experience and the problems such variability poses for scholarly analysis before briefly considering Philip Auslander's controversial model of mediated "liveness". Building on the way Auslander complicates understandings of live and mediated performance, I would like to turn the discussion to ideas of embodied spectatorship, and the "enabled" body. We will discuss theatrical spaces, the subjective experience of those spaces in live performance, and the means by which spectators adapt to, or otherwise accommodate, theatrical limitations. The goal is to open up a conversation about cameras and HD satellite technology as a form of prosthesis.

The workshop will be preceded by a lecture by Prof. M. J. Kidnie on "Walking in Tarquin's Tracks: Narratives of Friendship and Coerced Sex in Heywood's A Woman Killed with Kindness", also in room A210, at 10.15 a.m.





Deadline for registration 06.12.2017
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