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The Border-Crossing Fiction of Louise Erdrich and other North American Indian writers

Author Patrizia Zanella
Director of thesis Thomas Austenfeld
Co-director of thesis
Summary of thesis My MA thesis “’universal mirrors that are my eyes’: The Gaze in Louise Erdrich” analyzed the multifaceted gaze in Erdrich’s fiction and the way looks operate more frequently within a framework of recognition, transcending boundaries of race, gender, and sexual orientation, rather than as a means to establish superiority. At the same time, Erdrich’s fiction is more critical of storytelling and the reader’s gaze than most critics have evidenced. For my doctoral project, I plan to continue my investigations on Erdrich’s fiction in conjunction with other North American Indian writers, such as Joseph Boyden, Thomas King, and others. I am particularly interested in writers who treat both Canada and the United States as well as in the ways in which their characters experience, cross, and upset the border between the two countries as well as in the way they negotiate between different cultures and languages.
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