PhD students

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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
AKIN Banu UNIBE E-Mail Art as a space of trespass and legitimacy for female characters as creators of an alternative gender in littératures issues de la migration and Arab American literature of 21st century Professor Thomas Claviez
ALLEN Stephanie UNIFR E-Mail Early Modern Academic Drama Elisabeth Dutton
James McBain
ALLRED Gemma UNINE E-Mail Selling Shakespeare - Meaning Making through Marketing Prof Emma DePledge
ANDREY Brayan UNINE E-Mail Experimental sociolinguistics Prof. Martin Hilpert
AULD Aleida UNIGE E-Mail The Canonization of Early Modern Poets: Shakespeare, Spenser, Donne, and Herbert Professor Lukas Erne
BALINO Sofia UNIGE E-Mail American Chaos: Joan Didion as the "Voice of a Generation" in a Disordered Nation Professor Simon Swift
BEHLULI Sofie UNIBE E-Mail Ekphrastic Practices in the Contemporary US-American Novel Prof. Gabriele Rippl
BENISTY Yannick UNIL E-Mail Building Imagination through the Language of Poetics: The Architecture of Early Modern English and Continental Poetry (provisional title) Kirsten Stirling 2025
BERGAM PELLICANI Marija UNIGE E-Mail Under West Indian Eyes: Representations of Europe in Derek Walcott's Poetry Dr Martin Leer
BERGER Matthias UNIBE E-Mail United under the Banner of Medievalism? Medievalism and Negotiations of Swiss and British National Identities Prof. Dr Annette Kern-Stähler (University of Bern)
Prof. Dr Stephanie Trigg (University of Melbourne)
BILKIC Maida UNIBE E-Mail Mediating hate, managing change: Discourses of prejudice and conflict resolution in post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina Professor Crispin Thurlow
BISCHOF Roman UNIBE E-Mail Narrating Neurons: Perspectives on Mental Illness in American and British Novels in the Age of Neuroscience Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rippl
BLAIR Hazel UNIL E-Mail Region and Nation in Late Medieval Devotion to Northern English Saints (FNS project). Prof. Denis Renevey
BLANC Aurélie UNIFR E-Mail Medieval Convent Drama Elisabeth Dutton
Olivia Robinson
BOESTAD Klara UNIGE E-Mail Riddles in the drawing-room: le traducteur littéraire au défi de l'implicite dans l’œuvre de Jane Austen Prof. Fontanet 2024
BOURGEOIS Samuel UNINE E-Mail Discourse Marker Use in Written Genres Dr. Martin Hilpert
COMER Joseph UNIBE E-Mail Dr Crispin Thurlow
DARCY Mark UNIGE E-Mail Satanic Epistemologies from Marlowe to Milton
DESSAU Lily UNIGE E-Mail Do 'we have to think with Gaia'? Readdressing the Poet's relationship with nature in the 'Anthropocene' (provisional title) Professor Simon Swift
DHANANIA Kusum IHEID E-Mail Social Interests in Investment Arbitration, A discourse analysis
DROZ-DIT-BUSSET Olivia UNIBE E-Mail Multimodal discourse analysis of social media influencers as ‘new generation’ copy-writers. Prof. Dr. Crispin Thurlow Professor of Language and Communication, Director, Department of English 2021
DUARTE GONÇALVES VENTURA DE PAULA WIRTH Beatriz UNIL E-Mail Language Attrition in a Multilingual Community: Do speakers of typologically different languages attrite similarly? Anita Auer 2024
ESCHERLE Nora Anna UNIBE E-Mail Narratives of Religious Alterity: Religion and Violence in contemporary South Asian Anglophone Novels Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rippl
Prof. Dr. Thomas Claviez
FABRIN Elena UNIGE E-Mail Christopher Marlowe and the Rhetoric of Renaissance Authorship Prof. Lukas Erne
GOMES CORREIA Ana UNIL E-Mail Representations of Gendered Military Identity Prof. Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet
GONCALVES Elizabeth UNIGE E-Mail Musique & Musicology / Littérature Comparée Image des chanteuses, geste et usages scéniques de la voix et du corps : les inégalités de genre dans l'art lyrique français sous le règne de Louis XIV d'Hilaire Dupuis à Marthe le Rochois (1625-1728). Guillemette Bolens, Université de Genève
Raphaëlle Legrand, Université Paris-IV Sorbonne
GREENE Julia IHEID E-Mail The Politics of Migration
GUIGNOT RAKHIMOV Manon UNIL E-Mail Representations of Air and Other Elements in the 19th Century British Literature Enit Steiner
HABIBI Hanieh UNIGE E-Mail Using social networks as CALL system 2022
HEGEDÜS Kader UNIL E-Mail Donne's narrative of space: geographical, astronomical and spatial dimensions of John Donne's poetry Dr. Kirsten Stirling
HEIM Cécile UNIL E-Mail Denaturalizing the Law: Sexual Violence, Race and the Land in Native American Crime Fiction's Negotiation of Justice and the Law Agnieszka Soltysik-Monnet
Valérie Cossy
HEIM Matthias UNINE E-Mail Shakespeare on Film: Looking through Space and Time Prof. Margaret Tudeau-Clayton
ITEN Mark UNIL E-Mail Lower-class language use in Late Modern England Prof. Anita Auer 2024
JACKSON Honor UNINE E-Mail Malleable Spheres and Diverse Subject: Utopia and dystopia in Early Modern England Emma Depledge
JAROSKI Vanessa UNIBE E-Mail English Languages and Literatures Dr. Crispin Thurlow
JONES Patrick UNIGE E-Mail The philosophical significance of Henry James's late style, particularly in relation to Martin Heidegger. Simon Swift
KAEMPFER Lucie UNIL E-Mail Finding Joy in Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde 2018
KUSKE Eva UNIBE E-Mail Micronesian English Prof. Dr. David Britain
LAUGHERY Vincent UNIL E-Mail Metaphor and Agency in Shakespeare's Tragedies Kevin Curran
LEONHARDT Tobias UNIBE E-Mail Kiribati English: History, Structure and Linguistic Development Prof. David Britain
LOESCH Juliette UNIL E-Mail Dancing between Languages and Art Forms: The Transcreative Dynamics of Oscar Wilde’s Salomé from the Page to the Stage Prof. Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère
LOETSCHER Audrey UNIL E-Mail The US Politics of Unsustainability: National Identity and the Genealogy of Unsustainable Environmental Practices and Discourse Prof. Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet
Prof. Christian Arnsperger
MAGNIN Jeremie UNINE E-Mail Swiss Guestbook Project: Spatial Practices and the Performance of Identity in Nineteenth-Century Swiss Hotel Guestbooks Prof. Patrick Vincent
Prof. Kevin James, University of Guelph, Canada
MARCHI Viola UNIBE E-Mail Postmodern Literature and the Ethics of the Impersonal Prof. Dr. Thomas Claviez
MARENZI Elisa UNIBE E-Mail [Working title]: "Variation in Australian English - Exploring the emergence of ethnolects in the Italian community in Melbourne" David Britain
MARTIN Caroline UNIGE E-Mail Intersectional narratology in New Woman fiction Prof. Deborah Madsen 2023
MATHIER Marion UNIBE E-Mail Working title: In their own words: Young Swiss people’s communication ideologies and media ecologies – implications for educators Professor Crispin Thurlow, Department of English at the University of Bern.
MCKENZIE Oran UNIGE E-Mail The Poetics of Light. Perception, Forms of Attention and the Act of Thinking in Contemporary Poetry Dr. Martin Leer
MICHOUX Anne-Claire UNINE E-Mail Romantic Fiction, Simplicity, and the Formation of the British Nation Prof. Patrick Vincent
MISSON James E-Mail Early Modern Book History; Typography
MOLING Martin UNIFR E-Mail "How Does It Feel?": Rock Music in American Fiction Writing, 1961-2011 Prof. Thomas Austenfeld
NAZROO Claudia UNIL E-Mail Muslimwoman Breaking Imaginary Borders: Space and Time in Mohja Kahf’s Fictional Narratives Boris Vejdovsky
NEUENSCHWANDER Christoph UNIBE E-Mail Contact, Mobility and Authenticity: Language Ideologies in Creolisation David Britain
NIEMANN Andrew UNIL E-Mail The Ethics of William James's Pragmatism in David Foster Wallace Boris Vejdovsky 2023
OZOLS Davis UNIFR E-Mail Project title: "Biased communication: the cognitive pragmatics of fallacies" Director of thesis: Didier Maillat (University of Fribourg)
Co-Director of thesis: Louis de Saussure (University of Neuchâtel)
PARREIRAS REIS Ana rita UNIL E-Mail Discourses on sexual temptation in Middle English texts of religious instruction Prof. Denis Renevey
PEREIRA DOMÍNGUEZ Laura UNIGE E-Mail Gestures in medieval literature. Guillemette Bolens
PERNET Sonia UNIL E-Mail Divine Aqueducts: Fluid Imagery in the Sermons of John Donne Kirsten Stirling
PLAYER Amy UNIL E-Mail Nan Shepherd, Kathleen Jamie and the Tradition of Scottish New Nature Writing Prof. Rachel Falconer
PREUSS Stefanie UNIBE E-Mail A Scottish National Canon? Processes of Literary Canon Formation in Scotland Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rippl (Bern)
Prof. Dr. Frank Kelleter (Göttingen)
RAINS Jennifer m. UNINE E-Mail English Clippings Martin Hilpert
RAKHIMOV Azamat UNIGE E-Mail Shakespeare in Russia: Censorship and Editorial Practices Prof. Lukas Erne
RAYNER Emma UNIFR E-Mail Civility in Early Modern English Literature Indira Ghose
Emma Depledge
REILLY Andy UNIL E-Mail Seventeenth-Century London Comedies and Digital Humanities (Provisional) Kevin Curran
REYNOLDS Sean UNIL E-Mail The Compulsion to Translate: Dead Languages and the Poet-Translator in Postwar America Agnieszka Soltysik
Kalliopi Nikolopoulou, University at Buffalo, New York
ROGLIARDO Elodie UNIL E-Mail Black Women’s Afropean Identity: Construction, Exploration and Promulgation at the Crossroad of Relations in Leonora Miano’s, Laura Nsafou’s and Kiyemis’ Afropean Narratives. Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet
Valérie Cossy
RÖÖSLI Samuel UNIBE E-Mail The Role of the Senses in Literary Representations of the Non-Human World in Anglo-Saxon England Prof. Dr. Annette Kern-Stähler
SCHINDLER Kilian UNIFR E-Mail Religious Toleration in Early Modern English Drama Prof. Indira Ghose
Prof. Lukas Erne
SCHNEBELEN Florence UNIGE E-Mail Paradigmes de l'expérience dans la littérature anglaise, allemande et française du romantisme émergent (1795-1819) Registered in France : Prof. Bernard Franco (Comparative Literature, Paris Sorbonne Université)
SEMPERE Anindita UNINE E-Mail Poetics and Place: Mediating Deep Engagement with New Places in Twentieth Century American Literature Professor Patrick Vincent
SIEGERT Yvette UNIGE E-Mail 'Representations of Cartagena de Indias: An Intellectual History, 1815-2016' Dr María del Pilar Blanco, University of Oxford
SKUTHORPE Elizabeth UNIGE E-Mail The functions of the dead in Old Norse-Icelandic literature
SMITH Emily UNIGE E-Mail Digital Investigation into Ambiguous Signifiers in Shakespeare's Corpus Lukas Erne 2025?
STONCIKAITE IEVA UNIFR E-Mail No Fear of Flying after Sixty: Sexuality, Gender and Creativity in the Works of Erica Jong Dr Thomas Austenfeld
THIEL Anja UNIBE E-Mail Phonetic Irregularities in Upstate New York: Indexicality in the Northern Cities Shift and Low Back Merger in Ogdensburg, NY David Britain
TYAGI Shruti Saxena UNIL E-Mail Dr. Boris Vejdovsky
VAUDANO Sanja UNIBE E-Mail The title of my thesis is: Inside the Black Box: Poetics of Dream Narration in Salman Rushdie's Fiction Prof. Dr. Virginia Richter
Dr. Ursula Kluwick
WEEKS Nicholas UNIGE E-Mail Artistic Syntheses: A Kinesic Approach to Beckett's Plays in the Context of Modernism Prof. Guillemette Bolens
Dr. Martin Leer
WRIGHT Edward UNIBE E-Mail PHD begins Autumn 2017. No title as yet. Professor Gabriel Rippl
YANG Guang UNIGE E-Mail la belle lettrée : circulation du roman chinois caizi jiaren en Angleterre et en France entre XVIIe et XXe siècles The beauty-scholar: circulation of Chinese novel caizi jiaren in England and in France between XVII and XX centuries Jérôme David
Nicolas Zufferey
2023 or 2024
ZANELLA Patrizia UNIGE E-Mail The Border-Crossing Fiction of Louise Erdrich, James Welch, Thomas King, and Tomson Highway: Kinship Across Nations and Languages Thomas Austenfeld
Birgit Däwes
ZEIN Najat UNIL E-Mail English in the Expanding Circle: the case of Morocco Prof. Jürg Schwyter
ZURBRÜGG Aurélie UNIFR E-Mail Writing on Walls: Message, Mediality, and Modes of Address Prof. Thomas Austenfeld