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Lastname Firstname Social University E‑Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
BAUBLYTE KAUFMANN Ruta UNINE E‑Mail The Architecture of space-time in the novels of Jane Austen Prof. M. Tudeau-Clayton 2017
BERTOLI Mariacristina Natalia UNIFR - Illusionism in the "Riddling" School of American Poetry: Poetic Forms of Riddles, Anamorphoses and Trompe l'oeil from Emily Dickinson to Mary Jo Salter Prof. Dr. Thomas carl Austenfeld
BISCHOF-VEGH Roman --- E‑Mail Narrating Neurons? Perspectives on Mental Illness in British and American Novels in the Age of Neuroscience Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rippl
BUSSE Beatrix UNIBE E‑Mail
CHASSOT Joanne UNIL E‑Mail Ghosts in Contemporary African Diasporic Literature: Re-visioning History, Memory and Identity Agnieszka Soltysik 2013
COMER Joseph UNIBE - Dr Crispin Thurlow
CSILLAGH Virag UNIGE E‑Mail Les conséquences sociolinguistiques du statut économique de la langue anglaise par rapport à l’apprentissage de la langue et la motivation d’étudiants à l’Université de Genève Prof. Claire FOREL
Prof. François GRIN
DARCY Mark UNIGE - Satanic Epistemologies from Marlowe to Milton
ETTER Lukas UNIBE E‑Mail Auteurgraphy: Distinctiveness of Styles in Alternative Graphic Narratives Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rippl
Dr. Daniel Stein
GALLO Anna UNIBE E‑Mail Language variation among Anglo-Italians in Bristol [Provisional title] Prof. Dr. David Britain (University of Bern)
Prof. Cristina Pennarola (University of Naples "Federico II")
GEBHARDT Susanna UNIGE E‑Mail Early Modern English Wall-Writing: Memory and Textual Culture Prof. Lukas Erne
GONCALVES Elizabeth UNIGE E‑Mail Musique & Musicology / Littérature Comparée Image des chanteuses, geste et usages scéniques de la voix et du corps : les inégalités de genre dans l'art lyrique français sous le règne de Louis XIV d'Hilaire Dupuis à Marthe le Rochois (1625-1728). Guillemette Bolens, Université de Genève
Raphaëlle Legrand, Université Paris-IV Sorbonne
GUTMANS Patricia UNIBE - The Roman Catholic Church in Frances Trollope's Novels Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rippl
HEIM Cécile UNIL - Denaturalizing the Law: Sexual Violence, Race and the Land in Native American Crime Fiction's Negotiation of Justice and the Law Agnieszka Soltysik-Monnet
Valérie Cossy
HEINZMANN Sybille UNIFR - Working title: Swiss primary school children’s language learning motivation and its rela-tion to their language attitudes, stereotypes, and beliefs about language learning Prof. Didier Maillat
HOPPELER Stephanie UNIBE - Seriality and Intermediality in Graphic Novels Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rippl, English Department, University of Berne
HUBER Irmtraud UNIBE E‑Mail The fantastic in contemporary anglophone literature Prof. Dr. Virginia Richter
HUGHES Roxane UNIL E‑Mail Footbinding in America: Towards a Feminist Disability Study of the Literary and Artistic Representations of the Bound Foot in the United States Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet
IATSENKO Anna UNIGE E‑Mail Between History and Text: New Perspectives on Toni Morrison’s Later Fiction. Professor Deborah Madsen
ISELI Markus UNINE E‑Mail The New Romantic Unconscious: Thomas De Quincey and Cognitive Science Professor Patrick Vincent
Professor Robert Morrison
JACKSON Honor UNIFR E‑Mail Gender, Politics and the Utopian Impulse in Late Seventeenth-Century English Literature Emma Depledge 2023
JOBIN Anne UNINE E‑Mail Mapping out Space in the Fiction of Anishinaabe writers Dr. David Stirrup, University of Kent
KOPAITICH Ryan UNIBE - Prof. Dr. Thomas Claviez
LEONARD Alice UNINE E‑Mail Shakespeare Beyond Rhetoric: Error in Early Modern Drama, with Reference to Emergent Rhetorical Forms in Shakespeare Prof. Margaret Tudeau-Clayton
LEONHARDT Tobias UNIBE - Kiribati English: History, Structure and Linguistic Development Prof. David Britain
LINDHOLM Philip UNIL E‑Mail Synaesthesia in Literature of the Romantic Period Prof. Rachel Falconer
LOETSCHER Audrey UNIL E‑Mail A Moral History of Unsustainability U.S. political authorities and climate change: policies, ideology, interests (1957-1998) Prof. Janick Marina Schaufelbuehl 2022
LYNCH Sara UNIBE E‑Mail Micronesian Englishes Prof. David Britain
MARCHI Viola UNIBE E‑Mail Fuori Luogo: Community and the Impropriety of the Common Prof. Dr. Thomas Claviez 2019
MARSHALL Camille UNIL E‑Mail The Towneley Scriptural Plays: Playing, Doubting and Compiling Divine Acts in Late Medieval and Early Modern England Denis Renevey
MCGEE John UNIGE E‑Mail Anti-Petrarchism in Early Shakespeare Lukas Erne
METTLER Laura UNIBE - Emergent varieties in Micronesia: English in the Republic of Nauru Prof. Dr. David Britain
MICHALKIEWICZ Katarzyna UNINE - The Alps and the Tatras: a Comparative Study of Mountain Representations in 19th and 20th Century Literature Patrick Vincent
MICHOUX Anne-Claire UNIZH E‑Mail Romantic Fiction, Simplicity, and the Formation of the British Nation Prof. Patrick Vincent
MORGAN Oliver UNIGE E‑Mail Turn-taking in Shakespeare Lukas Erne
NISBET Rachel UNIL E‑Mail Rivers, Navigating Doubled Terrain: connecting literary and geological texts Rachel Falconer
OUDESLUIJS Tino UNIL E‑Mail Language Variation and Change in Coventry between 1400-1700 Prof. Anita Auer 2019
OZOLS Davis UNIFR - Project title: "Biased communication: the cognitive pragmatics of fallacies" Director of thesis: Didier Maillat (University of Fribourg)
Co-Director of thesis: Louis de Saussure (University of Neuchâtel)
PAULOS Julio UNIL E‑Mail Urban Studies, Planning Theory 2020
PEREIRA DOMÍNGUEZ Laura UNIGE - Gestures in medieval literature. Guillemette Bolens
RÖÖSLI Samuel UNIBE - The Role of the Senses in Literary Representations of the Non-Human World in Anglo-Saxon England Prof. Dr. Annette Kern-Stähler
ROSSINI Manuela UNIBE E‑Mail From House to Home. Family Matters in Early Modern Drama and Culture Prof. Dr. Balz Engler
Prof. Dr. Werner Brönnimann
SEMPERE Anindita UNINE - Poetics and Place: Mediating Deep Engagement with New Places in Twentieth Century American Literature Professor Patrick Vincent
SIEGERT Yvette UNIGE - 'Representations of Cartagena de Indias: An Intellectual History, 1815-2016' Dr María del Pilar Blanco, University of Oxford
SKIBO-BIRNEY Bryn UNIGE E‑Mail Writing Between "the Human" and "the Animal" in Contemporary North American Literature Prof. Deborah L. Madsen
THIEL Anja UNIBE - Phonetic Irregularities in Upstate New York: Indexicality in the Northern Cities Shift and Low Back Merger in Ogdensburg, NY David Britain
TRESCH Laura UNIBE - Contact, mobility and authenticity: language ideologies in koineisation David Britain
TSIRAKOGLOU Eleftheria UNIL - Edgar Allan Poe´s Reception in Greece Prof. Agnieska Soltysik-Monnet
VUK Martina UNIFR E‑Mail Friendship with people with disabilities as a form of mutual transformation (theological and ethical perspectives) Thierry Collaud 2019
WALTERMANN Eva UNIGE - Représentations du savoir disciplinaire dans l'enseignement des langues étrangères: le cas des enseignants genevois Prof. C. Forel
WALZ Marie Emilie UNIL E‑Mail When The Faerie Queene Enters The Bloody Chamber. Comparing Edmund Spenser's and Angela Carter's Fiction. Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère
WRIGHT Edward UNIBE E‑Mail PHD begins Autumn 2017. No title as yet. Professor Gabriel Rippl
WRIGHT Oliver UNIGE E‑Mail Climbing the Dark Mountain: Geography & the Anthropocene in the Work of Thomas Pynchon Martin Leer
YANG Guang UNIGE - la belle lettrée : circulation du roman chinois caizi jiaren en Angleterre et en France entre XVIIe et XXe siècles The beauty-scholar: circulation of Chinese novel caizi jiaren in England and in France between XVII and XX centuries Jérôme David
Nicolas Zufferey
2023 or 2024
ZEIN Najat UNIL - English in the Expanding Circle: the case of Morocco Prof. Jürg Schwyter