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Creative-Critical Approaches to Adaptation and Making the Medieval Modern


6 Septembre 2024

Responsable de l'activité

Mary Flannery


Pre. Mary Flannery, UNIBE

Kristen Curtis, UNIBE


Dr. Laura Varnam, University of Oxford (UK)

Zach Weinersmith, American author and cartoonist


This day-long workshop will prompt reflection on this double process by encouraging participants to explore the practice of adaptation via a creative-critical approach. Employment of creative-critical approaches to literary criticism is a growing trend and this workshop will bring new theories and practices to attendees who might find them helpful in generating novel approaches in their own scholarship. Over the course of this workshop, doctoral students will attend talks by two guest speakers with extensive experience in adaptation of texts, storytelling and structure, and creative-critical response. Attendees will also participate in two hands-on workshops offering step-by-step instructions in the creation of a creative response to a canonical text as well as the critical framework through which to consider this creative act. As well as offering creative-critical practice that can support alternative approaches to their own research, these exercises will have pedagogical value for attendees who will learn how they can adapt the exercises for use in their own teaching. In addition, one "lightning round" session will be dedicated to Swiss doctoral students to briefly present their work and refine their "elevator pitches" with help from Prof. Flannery. The workshop will conclude with a discussion of how participants navigated the double process of adaptation, and how their critical perspectives informed their work.





Deadline for registration 06.09.2024
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