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The History of Books: Bibliographical and Literary Perspectives


17 May 2023

Responsable de l'activité

Lukas Erne


Prof. Lukas Erne, UNIGE

Prof. Guillemette Bolens, UNIGE

Mme Emily Smith, UNIGE


Prof. Adam Smyth, Oxford University, UK


This event centres on 'The History of Books: Bibliographical and Literary Perspectives'. It will consist of a one-hour lecture by Professor Smyth, followed by a lengthy question time, in the course of which the PhD students will be asked to engage with issues addressed during the lecture (2 hours); and an interactive workshop, led by Professor Smyth (3 hours). What relationship exists between the physical form of a book and its literary contents? How can we approach this question? This event will explore a number of perspectives, particularly in relation to early modern books. Among other topics, consideration will be given to cultures of printed waste: that is, the use of fragments of older books and manuscripts in the physical make-up of new books. This practice, both pragmatic and richly suggestive, provides one route into the question of material and literary form. The primary focus, here, will be on books from the 16th and 17th centuries, but these are questions with a wider resonance, and anyone interested in thinking how the physical form of a book relates to its content, from any period, will be welcome, and will be able to have their work-in-progress discussed.





Deadline for registration 10.05.2023
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