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Reading, Seeing, Hearing: Literary Encounters with Medial Others


21-22 septembre 2023


Dr. Sofie Behluli, UNIBE

Mme Sabine von Rütte, UNIBE

M. Jonathan Sarfin, UNIBE

Mme Malaika Sutter, UNIBE

Prof. Prof. Gabriele Rippl, UNIBE


Prof. Allan Hepburn, McGill University, CA

Prof. Joan Saab, University of Rochester, Rochester, US

Prof. Julia Straub, UNIFR


Thurs. 14 Sept.: 9-10 AM Talk by Keynote Speaker 1 10-10.30 Coffee Break 10.30-12 PM Workshop session 1: PhD students present their work 12-13.30 Lunch 13.30-14.30 Talk by Keynote Speaker 2 14.30-15 Coffee Break 15-16.30 Workshop session 2: PhD students present their work 16.30-16.45 Short Break 16.45-18.15 Workshop session 3: PhD students present their work 18.30 Workshop dinner Fri. 15 Sept.: 9-10 AM Talk by Keynote Speaker 3 10-10.30 Coffee Break 10.30-12 PM Workshop session 4: PhD students present their work 12-13.30 Lunch 13.30-15 Final Discussion 18.30 Goodbye dinner with speakers · Talks by keynote speakers: Prof. Alan Hepburn, Prof. Joan Saab and Prof. Julia Straub will each hold a lecture (45') on Literary Encounters with Medial Others, ideally with a focus on literature and intermediality. Prof. Hepburn, an expert on modern and contemporary literature, will approach the topic through a combination of aesthetics, visual culture, and cultural studies. Prof. Saab will tackle the issue from an art historical point of view, focusing on the philosophy of vision. Prof. Straub will bring expertise in intermediality, memory studies, and representations of new media in literature. In the discussion following the talk, the doctoral students will have the opportunity to ask questions and explore certain aspects in more detail (15'). · Workshop sessions: In order to avoid the usual 20' presentations that doctoral students have to deliver at most conferences and workshops, we will adopt a problem-oriented approach. In the workshop sessions (90'), participants will discuss their PhD projects on the basis of pre-circulated material (10 pages max., e.g. thesis excerpt, article draft, primary material, etc.), focusing on medial others in literature (music, film, visual art, etc.). Each student will also be asked to submit a short cover letter detailing their project, current problems and questions to discuss along with their pre-circulated material. The goal of these sessions is to brainstorm together and explore various theoretical and methodological approaches to intermediality amongst PhD students and with the expert help of the workshop speakers. · Final discussion: This final discussion aims at pulling the strings together, answering open questions and identifying overarching issues when working in the field of intermediality in general, and literary representations of American visual culture in particular (90 mins).





Deadline for registration 14.09.2023
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