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Representing the Medieval and Early Modern Period


Juin 2022


Mme Gemma Allred, UNINE

Prof. Emma Depledge, UNINE


Prof. Pascale Aebischer, Exeter, UK

Prof. Helen Fulton, Bristol, UK


This two-day workshop will consider the post-medieval and modern reception of Medieval and early modern texts and authors, including the ways in which Medieval and early modern writers, cities, texts and people have been represented in literature, film and stage productions. Students will be encouraged to interact with reception studies and to consider how myths, legends and biases about their field of studies and its writers have emerged over time. They will also receive training on specific ways of approaching adaptation and reception studies. The workshop will consist of plenary talks by the two guest speakers, a seminar led by each of the speakers, and student presentations of c. 20 minutes. One seminar, led by Professor Pascale Aebischer (Exeter), would be a skills seminar on how to conduct film and performance analysis, drawing on examples from film and stage adaptations of Jacobean drama. The other seminar, led by Professor Helen Fulton (Bristol), would explore ways of approaching and writing about the post-medieval reception of Medieval texts and authors. Although linked to Medieval and early modern topics, the skills-training aspect of the two workshop seminars should be of interest to doctoral students working on film and theatre adaptations and on reception studies more generally. The workshop will be attached to the Swiss Association of Medieval and Early Modern Studies conference in Neuchâtel, June 2022, and CUSO doctoral students will be welcome to attend the full 3-day conference for free. Conference participants will not, however, be allowed to attend the CUSO workshop seminars as these will be reserved for CUSO doctoral students alone. The theme of the SAMEMES conference is 'Medieval and Early Modern Afterlives' and doctoral students may present work-in-progress papers as part of a dedicated session during the full conference programme. There will not be any parallel paper sessions competing with the CUSO workshops sessions, so students will have full access to the conference talks, should they wish to attend them. We are designing this as a two-day conference in the hope of allowing doctoral students the maximum amount of interaction, not just with Profs. Aebsicher and Fulton, but also with other leading scholars working in their field. Building on initiatives piloted at international conferences, where emphasis is rightly placed on the need to nurture and support junior scholars, the CUSO workshop evening meal will take place at the same time and venue as the conference meal; we will use seating plans to ensure that students are placed on tables with scholars who work in their area of expertise.





Deadline for registration 01.06.2022
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