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Servants of the Untouchable: the Gothic Genre in Colonial and Postcolonial Anglo-Indian Ghost Stories, 1888-2018

Author Federica PETRIGLIERI
Director of thesis Enit Steiner
Co-director of thesis
Summary of thesis

The thesis follows an investigative chronological study departing from the year 1888 up to nowadays. I have selected the authors based on two criteria: hyphenated subjects with a deep interest in writing ghost stories settled in the northern Indian hill stations and wrote during the colonial and postcolonial times.

As suggested by the title of this work, I construct a parallel between the ghosts present in the gothic stories and the Indian servants which find themselves in uncannily similar conditions: they are invisible to the others even though they are alive. Hence, the servants become the ghost witnesses of the literature.

Status beginning
Administrative delay for the defence 2027