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Early Modern English Wall-Writing: Memory and Textual Culture

Author Susanna GEBHARDT
Director of thesis Prof. Lukas Erne
Co-director of thesis
Summary of thesis

My thesis explores the materiality of early seventeenth-century English writing, by

which I mean the materials used in the process of textual production and dissemination.

In general, this engages the profusion of word and image upon the landscape of early

modern England, looking at sites of writing and publication.

This includes the use of the page as public commodity (the published page in the form of

posted licenses, bills, title-pages, portraits, prose, or verse, to name a few - as well

as the reuse of paper). Currently, my emphasis is on London and its conurbations, in

particular nodal spheres (such as the alehouse, inn, and tavern) as well as the street.

Administrative delay for the defence