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From House to Home. Family Matters in Early Modern Drama and Culture

Author Manuela ROSSINI
Director of thesis Prof. Dr. Balz Engler
Co-director of thesis Prof. Dr. Werner Brönnimann
Summary of thesis

This feminist-materialist study contributes towards a critique of the modern nuclear family in Western Europe by looking back at its cultural constructions and negotiations in early modern England. Connecting the traces of the past to the politics of today, the book offers further bricks to the building of a cultural history of the meanings and practices of family life in their continuity as well as discontinuity. The family is here defined as a discursive field that provides the framework for the analysis of the following interrelated concepts and categories, each being itself constituted by an ensemble of discourses: subjectivity, sex, gender, sexuality, love, marriage, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood, the public and the private, and the nation. While participating in postmodernity's deconstruction of these narratives, the author also dialectically links them to the non-discursive or material reality at the time of their initial production; i.e., to the historical specificity of the socio- economic and political fabric, in particular to the rise of possessive individualism, capitalism and the nation-state.

Status finished
Administrative delay for the defence 2002
URL http://www.iash.unibe.ch/content/iash___sammlung/rossini_manuela/index_ger.html